So no lie, I’ve been ignoring the rest of the world for the past… what, ten days. Partially because of things happening in life, but mostly because I’ve been on a reading frenzy just eating books up (when I’m not at work).

In honor of this educational book eating frenzy, I’ve decided to make this BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK! So what do you need first to get your awesome rad school vibe going? Of course… a BOOKBAG!

Not just any backpack mind you! It’s a Ninja Turtle Shell backpack! It even comes with 4 rad masks (one for each ninja turtle) ! For $45 on Amazon.

Or if you aren’t into the Ninja Turtles like I am, you could go for this simple canvas bookbag with a lovely vintage octopus screenprinted on it. It’s only $18 from Etsy user CatBirdCreatures. She also has a lot of other amazing canvas bookbags with anchors, birds, fishes, bicycles, and even cameras.