In honor of watching Red Riding Hood with my mother, I decided to dedicate today’s post to the classic fairy tale.


The cups are featured on Modcloth for $29.99 is a simply cute take on Red and the Wolf. Amazingly enough, if you sit these cups side by side they reveal two scenes from the fairy tale! Clever, very clever.


This t-shirt, designed by Anton Chigurh and made the fabulous Threadless, is an empowering take on the seemingly weak little girl. This strong woman kicked that wolfs booty and didn’t even need that wood choppin’ man to save her! She even decided to wear this weak wolf as a classy red cape. Although, those fangs don’t look too comfortable… This shirt also just happens to be on sale for $15. (Did I mention that I already own this shirt? Oh yeah!)


This acrylic laser cut necklace is simple and intricate at the same time. Made Etsy user CabFayre who also showcases a lot of other great pieces. This necklace goes for $25 all while exposing the stylish innocence of red and the malicious intent of the scary big bad wolf. The chain even available in black, gunmetal, copper, or even antique brass. Yay choices!