Deep within the dark dank depths of the forbidden sea creeps the ever elusive sea monster… the OCTOPUS!

Apparently it’s an Etsy kind of night for tentacles because I found all three of the gems for sale on there. If you love octopi and enjoy their fascinating muscular structure or you just think they look neat, then check these out.


Modeled after these creature’s tremendous grip, the octopus tentacle candle holder was inspired by the ancient tales of sea monsters. Michael Locascio and his partner have created an entire shop of inspired macabre and dark sculptures. Cast of solid metal (brass I believe) this sturdy candle stick will last will last forever, as it should for $75.

Wall Art

Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this jutting out of your wall! I’d probably just giggle and think it was cute. But anyways this amazing wall art is from ArtaKimbo, who attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The amount of work that went into this is astounding, and although small, this wall tentacle is worth the entire $110 they are asking for.


The original creator of the “tentacle scarf” Creeplings went viral a few months ago with the linked image of the scarf in the color “chocolate milk”. Personally I like it a bit more in this seafoam green. Currently they are so busy crocheting these that you have to request a custom order in whatever color you’d like, which can actually sometimes be more convenient because you get exactly what you want.