Balloon animals, records, and buildings may not have very much in common, but they all make pretty interesting bookends.



The first bookends featured are inspired by balloon animals and come in two flavors orange and grape. Available on Modcloth originally, they are currently sold out and available for purchase on DIGS for $40 each. Extremely playful and fun these have the potential to brighten anyones outlook on the day!



Love music? Love music inspired accessories for your house that also happen to be recycled? Etsy user ikcdesign uses antique records and everyday items to transform them into new life.  Their tag-line being “Old is the new New”. They also use records to create wall clocks and notebook covers. The way they have shaped the record as bookends makes it seem like only a quarter of the record is “popping” out of your shelves. One bookend goes for $10.


Scraping the Sky

Last but not least the cityscape bookends are a modern touch to anyones shelf. Since they are not necessarily mocking any building in particular they have a great anonymity and can be applied to any city. These buildings together, by design ideas, go for a decent price at $27 on Amazon.